Scrapping employer mandate will not cripple Obamacare: study

Revoking the employer mandate, one of Obamacare's most controversial aspects, will not cripple Obama administration's ambitious health overhaul plan, a new study claims.

The employer mandate requires all companies that employ more than 50 people to provide health coverage to workers or pay fines. Congressional Republicans as well as some Democrats have accused the mandate of killing jobs, as companies are cutting jobs and refusing to hire more people in order to stay below the mandate's 50-employee mark.

A group of researchers at the Urban Institute concluded that retaining the controversial provision would only insure nearly 200,000 more people. The estimated figure is relatively small considering more than 250 million people who hold health insurance.

In response to the study, Kentucky Republican and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said, "While the White House mocks Republican efforts to end this anti-job mandate - even threatening a veto of policies he developed - it's clear that the consequences of Obamacare need to be stopped."

Severe opposition has already forced the Obama administration to delay the mandate to 2016 for companies that have 50-99 workers. Starting 2015, the provision will be applied to companies with more than 100 workers. Previously, the mandate was scheduled to take effect in 2014 along with other provisions of the health overhaul plan.

Republicans have argued that Obama delayed the mandate to avoid blowback during upcoming mid-term elections, which are scheduled to take place in November this year.