Sikh Council UK concerned over use of halal meat in schools

The Sikh Council UK has expressed its concern over councils' move to ban pork sausages and bacon and replace them with ritually-slaughtered halal meat.

Hundreds of schools across the UK have silently switched to halal meat for students' meals even where Muslim students are in the minority.

A spokesperson for the Sikh Council UK accused schools and councils of deceiving the public by serving halal meat to students without openly declaring it.

Speaking on the issue, the spokesperson said, "We are concerned that many schools, councils and other public sector bodies and their caterers are effectively allowed to deceive the public by providing halal meat without declaring it as such."

The spokesperson stressed that councils should be accommodating for all requirements without any fear or favour, adding that food should be clearly labelled so that individuals can make an informed choice.

The halal meat mostly comes from animals that are pre-stunned before slaughter, which is reportedly the minimum required to minimize suffering of the animal.

Parents are arguing that while schools and councils went an extraordinary length to protect the interests of Muslims, they are not ready to provide such support for others who don't want to eat halal meat.

The driving force behind the controversial move is apparently the cost of meat as it is far cheaper for schools to have a single source of halal meat for every student rather than having to provide different menus for students of different religions.