Greenpeace condemns Lords committee’s report on fracking

Prominent environment group Greenpeace has accused the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee of 'cherry-picking' evidence for the report that called on the government to make regulated fracking an 'urgent national priority'.

In its recently published report, the Lords committee said regulated fracking should be one of the government's top priorities as shale gas could bring significant benefits to the economy, to national energy security as well as to the environment.

But, Greenpeace argued that the country should concentrate on producing renewable energy instead of shale gas, which hurts the environment.

The fracking process involves fracturing of shale by injecting water mixed with sand and chemicals into the rock at high pressure to release gas. But, the process has been criticized ever since its inception for various hazards, including contamination of groundwater and creation of tremors.

Condemning the Lords committee's suggestion, Greenpeace said, "The real urgent national priority is to push ahead with the renewable technology… The Lords spent seven months cherry-picking the wafer-thin evidence that fits a foregone conclusion about the benefits of shale gas."

Greenpeace added that simplifying regulations and accelerating the process of fracking would not reassure people who are unconvinced by the risky technology.

Nevertheless, Energy Minister Michael Fallon has welcomed the committee's report and said his ministry would consider the report's conclusions.