Average London worker wastes 18 months & pays £66,000 on commuting

An average Londoner wastes more than a year and spends nearly £66,000 over lifetime in commuting to and from work, according to a new research from investment management firm Nutmeg.

Nutmeg estimated that commuting to and from work consumes an average of 10,634 hours of an individual who starts work at 18 and finishes at 65. That adds up to 443 days or one year and three months. In London, the wastage of time is even bigger for commuters - 18 months or 13,097 hours. In Liverpool, it costs 7,532 hours or ten & a half months over lifetime.

While an average Londoner spends 1 hour and 14 minutes on travelling each day, travelers in Manchester, Bristol, Sheffield and Birmingham spend 1 hour & 4 minutes, complete 1 hour, 59 minutes, and 56 minutes on commuting to and from their workplaces.

Commuters in Leeds and Liverpool experience the shortest commute time at merely 42 minutes per day.

Sharing the findings, Nutmeg CEO Nick Hungerford said, "Travelling to work is one of the biggest costs of modern living.. More than a fifth of people we surveyed admitted they wasted the time they spent travelling to and from work."

Londoners are also suffering the highest cost of commuting to and from work in the U. K. On average, a Londoner is spending nearly £118 a month on commuting over his/her lifetime. Those commuting in Glasgow city for work experience the cheapest travelling cost of £63 a month, or £35,500 lifetime.