Bulgaria emerges as best-value destination for bargain-hunting holidaymakers

Eastern European country Bulgaria is the best-value destination for bargain-hunting British holidaymakers, a newly published Post Office travel money survey suggests.

According to the Post office survey, a basket of ten typical holiday spending items, including evening meals and drinks, cost merely £43 in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.

On the contrary, the basket of same items costs more than £100 in Tuscany and Sorrento in Italy, which makes them the priciest holiday destinations among locations surveyed by the Post Office.

Turkey's Marmaris emerged as the second cheapest destination for holidaymakers, with typical holiday spending items costing around £54.

Post Office Travel Money's Andrew Brown said, "The strength of sterling is great news for people planning holidays abroad and they can make sure their holiday cash stretches even further by doing their homework before booking to pick a destination where prices have fallen furthest."

She advised that people planning holidaymaking in a European country should choose a highly competitive holiday destination as resort prices could make or mar their holiday budgets.

Bulgaria, a member of European Union since 2007, has a population of around seven million. This south-eastern European country remained stuck in a Communist time warp for several decades but now it appears that Bulgaria has finally pulled itself out of the cold.