Newstalk Registers Complaint against RTE for not Broadcasting Advertisement

RTE and Newstalk radio entered into bitter relations after the national broadcaster declined to broadcast an advertisement which was submitted by the independent station.

RTE says that it has certain rules in regard to accepting advertisements coming from other broadcasters. The group has declined to publish them.

Newstalk had submitted the advertisement to RTÉ on 17th April, Thursday. On the same day Newstalk received the confirmation of its refusal.

Newstalk CEO, Mr Gerard Whelan said, "RTÉ's decision not to accept the ad is motivated solely by its determination to curb the listenership of a competitor." He added that, "RTÉ must make public these guidelines immediately in an open and transparent manner. It is abusing its dominant position while taking over 180 million of taxpayer's money annually."

Mr Gerard Whelan opined that RTÉ which is subsidised by the money of the taxpayers, took in advertising revenue of approximately 156 million in 2012 and now they cannot do this to rule out competition. He said it is evidently misusing the position and showing anti-competitive spirit.

According to RTÉ this issue should be dealt with and looked into, by the Competition Authority. The independent station has lodged an official complaint about it with the same.