Covered California Sees a Spurt in Enrolment

The numbers which were released by the state officials yesterday shows that over the last six months among the people who signed up through Medi-Cal or Covered California over one million were Latinos.

Yesterday the insurance exchange came out with its total for the first open enrolment period of six months. The Department of Health Care Services also released the Medi-Cal number of additions for that time span.

Almost a total number of 1.4 million signed up for the exchange. 1.9 million were enrolled in Medi-Cal newly. As per the state officials if an approximately 85% of the exchange people who enrolled really pay their premiums which is likely, that would account for paid exchange enrolment to something higher than 1.2 million.

Diana Dooley HHS Secretary summed it up in the exchange board meeting yesterday,

"We had our first [exchange board] meeting three years ago in April, and what a ride it has been." "I don't know that any of us could imagine how far we've come and what's been accomplished."

She said that all the hard work in California "proves that the Affordable Care Act is not self-implementing."

"The work we have ahead is clearly important, but it's also good to take a moment to say thank you for the work and success that we've had."