Spending Still Remains Sluggish In Spite of the Recovering Economy

A warning was issued yesterday by SRC, the Scottish Retail Consortium following a drop in spending and a rise seen in unemployment. The percentage of shoppers going to the stores has decreased by 2. 1% if compared to last year.

The figures which have been released today by BRC, the British Retail Consortium and Springboard show a leap in sales for the out-of town as well as the high streets stores. The shopping centre traffic has faced a fall, which has reduced by 0.5 % over a year's time.

David Martin the head of policy at SRC said, "We are still to see how much, if any, of the economic recovery translates into higher levels of confidence or propensity to spend in Scotland."

According to Springboard's forecast a big shoot in pace can be expected over Easter as compared to the same holiday weekend the previous year. The biggest winners are going to be the Out of town stores for Good Friday. The foot shoppers are likely to be 9.5% more than the last year. The high street stores are also expected to do better by 9% this Easter.