NHS struck by fresh cash deficit after 2015 election after budget freeze

According to the analysis to a top think-tank the general elections in the UK in 2015 will impose fresh financial crisis on the NHS as the budget freezes.

The King's Fund stated that post recession the budget freeze which has been levied may end up putting most NHS facilities in deficit. It also issued warning that whoever won the elections next year will have to figure out fresh ways to create funds for the NHS or end up cutting down on important services through the NHS.

Analysis by health policy think tank also predicted that almost 75 percent of the NHS finance directors think that their facility may suffer serious deficit of funds during the years 2015 and 2016. A significant percentage also thinks that they are not certain about what lies in store for their hospitals in future.

Think tank analysts have issued this warning when criticism is still ripe by the Unison regarding cuts to the NHS which could risk patient safety in hospitals which are only stretching and over loaded.

A survey report by Unison shows that presently 45 percent of the nurses end up looking after eight or more patients during their shift and never get enough time with patients which ends up leaving them with incomplete care.