NBN may Land Paying up Telstra's About $100 billion

Telstra might get something close to $98 billion or more in the coming fifty five years. This could happen as NBN Co, the company that is starting the National Broadband Network would pay the telecom major a huge amount for accessing its network of wires and pipes.

Goldman Sachs says that NBN Co would pay $98.2bn as nominal pre-tax payments to the telecom giant Telstra between the financial year2011 and 2067. This would include the bulk payments which is some $88bn that is related to accessing Telstra's infrastructure.

NBN (National Broadband Network) may eventually land up paying this huge amount to Telstra over 55 years as lease payments for dark fibre, ducts as well as other infrastructure facilities for telecommunications.

Telstra's value of the infrastructure lease deal with NBN Co has been a net-present worth of AU$11.2 billion. However through the arrangements of leasing, the NBN Co's payments which are to be made to Telstra would eventually increase over time with the expansion of the network.

The report from Goldman Sachs also stated that the proposal of the Coalition to use copper from Telstra and networks of HFC as part of the mix multi-technology approach, that was signed last week would actually include a AU$2.4 billion in addition to Telstra's deal of AU$11.2 billion.