Crackle, Vudu, Rdio & PlayOn finally available via Google Chromecast

Gradually expanding the list of its offerings, Google's Chromecast has become compatible with a number of much sought-after services like porting video content service Crackle, , and online movie service Vudu, and music-streaming service Rdio.

Crackle, which is a video streaming app from Sony, allows users to stream TV shows and films for free. To generate revenue for its owner, this app shows advertisements. Both the Android- and iOS-based Crackle apps are now compatible with Chromecast.

Like Crackle, Vudu also offers TV shows and movies. It also allows users to rent or purchase any content and then stream it on their mobile devices, PCs and Smart TVs.

Rdio is a well-known subscription music-streaming service for iOS, Android, Windows and Chrome. It gives users access to millions of songs, but it is not free. It costs $10 per month.

The company also added PlayOn to Chromecast. PlayOn is a service that combines a number of popular content-streaming platforms in one user-friendly service. However, you will have to install PlayOn onto your computer and also pay a fee to join the service.

Chromecast was recently opened up to outside developers, a move that is expected to further expand the number of apps available through the dongle.

Google has already sold several million units of its Chromecast streaming media stick, thanks to pocket-friendly price of around $35.