Google takes confrontational stance while dispelling myths about Glass

Concerned about the negative public perception of Google Glass, tech giant Google Inc has made an attempt to address the top 10 myths about the upcoming technology. But, the company defensive tone may not be able to convince everyone, partly because it took confrontational stance.

For instance, trying to dispel myth 2 "Glass is always on and recording everything," the company took a provoking stance and asked consumers to if they keep their other devices always on.

When it came to Myth 6 "Glass covers your eye(s)," Google questioned consumers if they had actually tried the device.

About myth that Glass is the perfect surveillance device, Google argued that smartphones could also be described as surveillance devices.

On its official Google Glass blog, the company wrote, "While it may be easier to get away with recording short snippets of video using Glass thanks to it's always outward facing camera, I guess the same argument could be made with the smartphone."

Trying to dispel the myth that Google Glass is only for the wealthy, the company admitted that $1500 was a lot of money but added that didn't mean the people who had it were wealthy and entitled.

Google also put an end to rumours that Glass will become available to the masses by the end of current year. It underlined that the current version of device is still a prototype.