Updated Google keyboard brings some much-anticipated features

Internet search giant Google Inc has just unveiled the updated version of its own keyboard for the Android platform that brings a few minor bug fixes along with some much-anticipated features.

The new Google keyboard version 3.0, or more explicitly 3.0.19373, is capable of keeping track of the user's typing habits. But, the most interest feature it brings is 'personalised suggestions' feature that uses data from other Google Apps and Services to enhance suggestions and corrections.

Once the app gets updated and the user opens Google Keyboard for the first time, he/she will see a message explaining about the changes with the personalized suggestions. Then the user will get the option to hit OK and continue on to what he/she was going to type, or to hit the settings button, from where the feature can be turned off.

The other notable tweaked feature is the addition of a new button inside the Google keyboard that automatically pops up when the user enters the Emoji menu.

A new 'ABC' button appears when the user is inside of the Emoji menu. It allows the users to return to the regular keyboard to keep on typing. A similar button with similar function existed even before the latest update, but that button used to show up as a keyboard icon, and not as the letters ABC.

The new personalised suggestions feature is turned on by default; but if a user doesn't want this feature, he/she can easily disable it in settings.