Tesla to provide revamped home charger wall adapters

Tesla Motors Inc. on Friday announced that it would provide owners of its electric cars with revamped home charger wall adapters with thermal fuses.

The manufacturer of electric cars announced the revamped home charger wall adapters after reports that some wall sockets melted or smoked during charging.

In December last year, the company released an over-the-air software update to addressed potential overheating of the socket. The company said that it believed that the update fully addressed the problem, and added that the new wall adapter was designed to provide additional protection.

Announcing the new adaptor, the company said, "We believe this fully addresses the problem. However, to provide additional protection for Model S customers, we have designed a new wall adapter with a thermal fuse."

The thermal fuse will shut down the charger immediately in case abnormal level of heat is detected. All existing and new Tesla customers will get the revamped adapter in the next few weeks.

Tesla is currently under probe by regulators over some incidents of fires in its quite popular Model S electric sedan. The fires reportedly erupted after battery punctures. Home charging is a completely separate issue.