BMW unveils app for Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch

Luxury car maker BMW used the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas to unveil an app for Samsung's smartwatch Galaxy Gear.

BMW announced that its environment-friendly electric car i3 will feature a special app for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Equipped with the iRemote App, the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch will allows BMW i3 drivers to instantly check important vehicle functions, such as remaining range, without taking out a smartphone or opening an app.

It will also allow users to have access to a sub-menu to turn on the heat or AC, or check whether windows are open or closed simply by tapping on the smartwatch's touch display.

The iRemote App already allows i3 drivers to check how much battery life is left or to send navigation directions to their cars from a smartphone.

The partnership between BMW and Samsung is quite exciting, but it is not the first wearable tech collaboration announced by an automaker at CES 2014.

Mercedes-Benz announced a similar partnership with smartwatch Pebble that allows drivers to find where they parked and see how much fuel is left. Hyundai announced that its 2015 Genesis would allow drivers to unlock doors, start the car and plan routes using Google Glass.