Australian Classification Board censors “South Park: The Stick of Truth”

Ubisoft's "South Park: The Stick of Truth" has failed to appease Australian game rates, who have reportedly censored the oft-delayed RPG.

Emerging reports suggest that the Australian Classification Board has nearly banned the game due to its controversial content. The ratings board is reportedly concerned over various scenes, including the one in which characters are examined in their nether regions by aliens.

In one scene, aliens reportedly probe visually resemble "penises," while another problematic scene takes place in an abortion clinic. The game reportedly ran into problems mainly diue to these scenes.

A statement reportedly released by the board describes, an "interactive animated sequence features . repeatedly having an oversized, phallic probe thrust into their buttocks. The probe is repeatedly thrust in and out, mimicking sexual thrusting and accompanied by squelching sound effects."

Earlier this year, Volition's "Saints Row IV" had also suffered similar issues after the videogame was refused classification by Australian raters because of an alien anal probe weapon.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is currently scheduled to be released on 4th of March next year.