Caritas Emerged as a Bliss for Haiti Victims, giving Assistance Despite the Hardships

Catholic aid network Caritas Internationalis has emerged as a bliss for the Haiti victims, supporting over 50,000 people in an initial response to the earthquake in Haiti.

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand director Michael Smith says an international team has flown into Haiti to support the work of Caritas members Caritas Haiti and US-based Catholic Relief Services (CRS).

Over 300 Caritas local staff has indulged in the noble task, to deliver relief supplies to the many survivors in urgent need in Haiti despite the significant difficulties they face.

Caritas is also delivering tents and blankets, and extending medical care through some of Caritas Haiti's 200+ clinics and hospitals in the country.

Also, Caritas has come up with some coordination centres with many of the staff working and sleeping in the street due to the concern of aftershocks. 23 food distribution points are being set up in badly affected area of Port-au-Prince and a further two in Jachmel district.

They have also initiated the supply of juice, sardines, sausage, peanut butter, nuts, granola bars, canned fruit, black beans and saltine crackers in the neighbouring Dominican Republic. Water storage containers, water purification tablets, mosquito nets, and hygiene kits are also en route to Haiti.

One can contribute to the noble task in favour of calamity hit people by making an online donation to the Haiti Emergency Appeal.

For more information, please contact Tim O'Connor (02) 8306 3400 or 0417 284 831.