Windows 8’s share stalled in November: study

While Microsoft's Windows 7 continued to gain ground in November, the newer operating system, Windows 8, failed to increase its share.

According to figures compiled by Net Applications, Windows 7 saw its share jumping up by two-tenths of a percentage point to 46.6 per cent at the end of November. In other words, Windows 7 accounted for nearly half of all computer operating systems. The figure was even higher at 51.3 per cent of those running a flavor of Windows.

But, Windows 8 saw its share stalled at 10.2 per cent of all Windows-powered computing devices in November. It may be noted here that Windows 8's share included the free Windows 8.1 update.

By the end of last month, the 8.1 version of Windows operating system accounted for 28 per cent of the total Windows-powered computing devices, up from the 19 per cent in October.

Nevertheless, Windows 8 lagged far behind Windows 7 at the latter's thirteen-month mark. At that point, Windows 7 OS had been powering nearly 22 per cent of all Windows devices.

Overall, Windows remained the dominant operating system. It accounted for 90.9 per cent of all personal computers in November. While Apple Inc's OS X and Linux slipped to 7.6 per cent and 1.6 per cent, respectively.