Overloaded Saturated-Fat Diet Major Culprit Behind Heart Attacks and Clogged Arteries

Dr. Shyam Kolvekar of the University College London Hospital, has issued his warning after discerning patients as young as 33 in urgent need of heart bypass surgery on account of their 'overloaded' saturated fat diet.

The doctor cites that only radical action can curb growing numbers of young adults from heart attacks and clogged arteries.

"By the time I see people it's usually too late, but the frustrating thing is that often the need for heart surgery could have been prevented by following a healthier, lower sat-fat diet", he added.

The recent figures claim that adults consume an average of 800 grams of fat a month - 20 per cent more than the recommended limit. Hitting the recommended level could save 3,500 lives a year.

According to a national diet survey, 90 per cent of children, 88 per cent of men and 83 per cent of women in Britain consumes overloaded saturated fat in their daily diet.

It is speculated that government recommendations in this respect could prevent at least 3,500 premature deaths a year.

Many manufactures has risen to curb the menace. Mars UK announced yesterday to cut saturated fat levels in Mars bars, Snickers, Topic, Milky Way and Flyte products with the use of sunflower oil.

"People should avoid fatty foods that are solid at room temperature, like cheese and red meat. And, if you can't survive without red meat, then make sure you cut all the fat off it", said Dr. Kolvekar.