Recession widens gap between cities

As the UK has started coming out of recession, experts expect the gap in cities' economic performance and recovery to expand further.

The gap in cities’ performance has already been widened by the recent recession. Research group Centre for Cities said that gap between the cities with the highest and the lowest number of people claiming jobseeker’s allowance has become nearly double in the past two years.

The study showed that cities like Hull, Birmingham and Doncaster, which already suffered higher than average joblessness before recession, had faced the biggest number of job-losses in the past year.

Commenting on the topic, Centre for Cities said, "Many of the cities that have been hit hardest are places still suffering from the legacy of industrial restructuring and previous recessions. This is widening the gap between cities.”

The study warned that recovery from recession would probably be uneven, which would make many cities to feel the effects of recession foe many years to come.

Cities like Stoke, Barnsley, Burnely, Newport and Doncaster are expected to face comparatively tough conditions due to their weaker business base.