A&E closed at birthplace of NHS by Jeremy Hunt

NHS' heart was ripped off by the Health Secretary as he was accused of risking several lives after shutting down the A&E unit at its birthplace. What's more, he did not even inform the local MP.

Without alerting the local MP, Jeremy Hunt announced closure of a vital department at the Trafford General Hospital and this led to a fury.

Health bosses had stated that services in Greater Manchester had to be redesigned but he seem not to pay any heed to this.

They even stated that the A&E department treated only seven people on an average per day at its busiest hour.

In 2012, about 37,000 people attended this unit despite this unit being the smallest in Britain.

According to campaigners, other hospitals will have to bear massive pressure as they will have to travel distances for seeking medical attention.

Campaign group Save Trafford General has gone strongly against the closure of the A&E unit.

Chairman of the group, Matthew Finnegan, said, "Mr Hunt must be the only person who thinks that the way to solve the crisis in A&E across the country is by closing A&E departments."