British scientists develop test for mothers-to-be for post-natal depression

British scientists have created a £10 test that gives advance warning of post-natal depression.

Women will be able to take early retirement and this will avoid the illness from taking hold.

Depression affects one in seven mothers and this can lead to their children bearing serious consequences.

There have been cases of new mothers either killing themselves or their babies.

Within five years, the test can be of extensive use as this is world’s first test. The test takes place during early pregnancy and a few drops of blood are used to state whether a woman is at risk seeing her genes.

The test has been developed by Warwick University researchers and the care of pregnant women can be revolutionized with this breakthrough.

Team leader Dimitris Grammatopoulos said, “It is extremely important because there is evidence if you can identify women at risk early, you can treat them early or introduce measures early in order to stop the process of the disease. Post-natal depression is a preventable disorder in most cases.”

Until now, early detection of being prone to the illness is not possible and every year tens of thousands of patients have it.