Food taste is influenced by cutlery

Scientists have stated that colour, shape and weight of cutlery can influence the flavor of food.

Some volunteers were given white and pink yoghurt too taste and scientists saw that when white yoghurt was eaten with a white spoon, volunteers called it more sweeter and expensive than the pink one.

When volunteers were made to taste the same variant with a black spoon, people preferred the pink one.

White yoghurt tasted sweeter and better even with a blue spoon, researchers saw. A light plastic spoon as compared to a weighted heavier one also made yoghurt taste better.

Another experiment led to cheese tasting more salty on a knife as compared to toothpick, spoon and fork.

Lead researcher Vanessa Harrar, from Oxford University, said, "How we experience food is a multisensory experience involving taste, feel of the food in our mouths, aroma, and the feasting of our eyes. Even before we put food into our mouths, our brains have made a judgment about it, which affects our overall experience."

Earlier studies also showed that beverages were more refreshing when served in coloured glasses as compared to plain glasses.