Breast cancer risk reduced by daily drug plan

A new guidance from doctors state that a cheap course of drugs should be administered to about half a million women who are healthy but are exposed to a risk of contracting breast cancer in order to reducing their chances of getting affected.

It has been stated by National Institute for Health and Care Excellence or NICE that celebrities like Sharon Osbourne and Angelina Jolie have chosen the alternative therapy to surgery, £120 five-year `pill-a-day' course of tamoxifen or raloxifene.

It has also been added by the health regulator's new guidelines that a mammoth amount of money will be saved by the NHS by preventing people from getting affected by cancer. The budget as of now is under tremendous pressure.

Dr Caitlin Palframan, assistant head of policy at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, said, women who are at a risk of getting breast cancer can make an informed choice.

She said, "We believe that this guideline is a game changer for people with a family history of breast cancer. In fact for breast cancer overall it's a historic step for prevention."