Waitrose is the best; Tesco is the worst supermarket in the UK: poll

Waitrose is the best supermarket in the UK, while Tesco is the worst, according to a new survey by consumer watchdog Which?

The watchdog polled 11,000 consumers across the country, and found most respondents voting in favor of Waitrose, which received a customer score of 82 per cent.

Waitrose also received five-star ratings for the quality of its fresh products as well as for its customer service.

On the other hand, Tesco received the lowest rank on the list of the country's nine major supermarkets, with a score of just 45 per cent. Customers awarded very poor marks to Tesco for its allegedly bad pricing, poor store environment, customer service and quality of fresh produce.

Aldi grabbed the second rank, while Lidl came third with scores of 74 per cent and 69 per cent, respectively. Aldi and Lidl were the only supermarkets that received four-star ratings for their pricing. Fourth place was grabbed by Marks & Spencer with 68 per cent score.

Bigger rivals Morrisons and Sainsbury's could score only 59 per cent and 58 per cent; while the Co-operative ranked just above Tesco with a score of 48 per cent.

Which? ranked the supermarkets on the basis scores awarded to them based on customer satisfaction and the probability they would recommend it to others.

The poll also revealed that inability to compare prices due to different unit measurements is the biggest irritation for consumers, with 37 per cent confirming that inability to compare prices annoyed them.