Tesco, Aldi removed Comigel’s beef products form sale

British retailers Tesco and Aldi have removed frozen beef products made by French supplier Comigel from sale because of "a labelling issue".

The two retailers withdrew frozen apaghetti bolognese and lasagne after the emergence of the latest alert over the origin of the meat.

Announcing its decision of withdrawing the beef products, a spokesperson for Aldi said, "Comigel has flagged concerns that the products do not conform to specification. They have been withdrawn immediately so that Aldi can conduct its own investigations into the factory concerned."

Tesco said it withdrew the products as a "precaution."

Earlier, the same labelling issue force frozen food producer Findus UK to withdraw 320g, 360g and 500g lasagnes products.

Last month, a number of retailers, including Tesco and Aldi, had to withdraw frozen beef burgers after the Food Safety Authority of Ireland had detected samples containing horse DNA.

Meanwhile, Rangeland Foods has reportedly resumed production at its Castleblayney, Co Monaghan-based plant. The plant resumed production after receiving the green signal from the Department of Agriculture.

The Rangeland Foods' plant had suspended production on Monday, after the interception of a Polish beef product that was tested positive for horse DNA.