Facebook to remove voting from its site governance structure

Facebook is apparently set to implement the new versions of its Statement Of Rights And Responsibilities (SRR) and Data Use Policy; after its Tuesday announcement of the official, audited results of the company's last voting on `site governance' policies.

With less than 1 percent of the Facebook users participating in the site governance vote - 589,141 users opposing the changes, and 79,731 users supporting them -, Facebook said that the outcome of the vote gives it the ability to remove the voting mechanism from its governance structure.

Revealing that the proposed changes - which will essentially change the 2009-instituted rule that enabled the social network to make policy changes only if it received more than
7,000 comments to a site-wide vote back - will become effective immediately, Facebook said that it has "decided to adopt the proposed updates to our SRR and Data Use Policy" without delay.

However, the social network also added alongside that even though the proposed changes to its site governance structure will eliminate voting, the company intends implementing "implement new, innovative and effective ways to enhance this process."

Facebook also noted that the users' participation in the final site governance vote was "minimal," and said that the last voting experience "illustrated the clear value of our notice and comment process," as the "substantive feedback" from the users and discussions with global regulators paved the way for "clarifications and revisions" to the changes proposed by the company to its SRR and Data Use Policy.