Android’s Google Now notifications system integrated into Chrome browser

In a move which marked Google's early step in the direction of a bigger project related to showing Google Now notifications in Chrome, the Google Chrome team has recently made the addition of a "skeleton for Google Now for Chrome" to Google's browser.

With Android's Google Now application and service having been integrated into Chrome, the popular notifications system - which enables users to access weather reports, reminders about trip departures, birthday alerts, review of close-by restaurants, and gives other similar notifications - will now become accessible by the users of the Chrome browser.

The integration of Google Now into Chrome will apparently give Internet search giant Google a mechanism for connecting users closely to the online services which the company Google considers relevant, on the basis of time and location.

Google Now's integration into Chrome underscores the growing maturity of Google's strategy for its operating system. While the company offers the advantage of the Android OS for the users of mobile devices, it gives the PC users the benefit of Chrome or Chrome OS.

Meanwhile, though Google's move of integrating Google Now into Chrome was first reported by Google analyst Francois Beaufort, the company is yet to make an official confirmation about its work on the bigger project to show Google Now notifications in Chrome.

Refraining from committing to the project, Google spokeswoman Jessica Kositz said: "We're always experimenting with new features in Chrome, so have nothing to announce at this time."