Report says Facebook Powerball hoaxer, Nolan Daniels, is software engineer

According to the Savannah Morning News, which first highlighted the story of Facebook user Nolan Daniels who recently posted a photo of his fake Powerball `winning' lottery ticket, the Facebook Powerball hoaxer is a software engineer who co-owns Arizona-based medical software firm N2 Technologies.

Daniels - whose full name, as per the report, is Nolan Ryan Daniels - generated a lot of excitement last week when he posted a picture which showed him holding what he claimed was the `winning' Powerball lottery ticket.

Daniels' Powerball hoax was apparently prompted by the fact that it was a whopping $587.5 million jackpot. Along with posting his photo with the fake `winning lottery ticket, the hoaxer had also mentioned that he would give a $1 million `cut' from his Powerball `winning' amount to one randomly selected person, out of those who share the photo he had posted.

As a result, Daniels' photo with the alleged Powerball `winning' ticket went viral on the Internet within hours; with as many as 200,000 Facebook users sharing the picture, despite the fact that the winning numbers on Daniels' ticket were clearly printed differently than how they would have appeared on an actual Powerball ticket!

Meanwhile, revealing more about Daniels, the Savannah Morning News said that the identity of the Facebook Powerball hoaxer had been confirmed by his brother Derek, who said, with reference to the `winning' lottery hoax: "I think he (Daniels) craves the love from people."