Apple files patent application for ‘true wireless charging’ technology

According to an AppleInsider report, Apple has recently filed a patent application for what can be describes as true wireless charging technology, which underscores a mechanism whereby charging of devices will be possible from nearly a meter away from the charging source.

With the present-day wireless charging options not being `truly wireless' or `cord-free' as the label suggests, Apple's filing of the patent comes after the company's research in the direction of a "realistic and practical" method for providing wireless charging to devices.

The patent filed by Apple - titled `Wireless Power Utilization In A Local Computing Environment' - pushes power to compatible devices from a central unit by using near-field magnetic resonance. This results in the creation of a "virtual charging area" within nearly one meter of the power supply; thereby facilitates the re-charging of the devices sans the need of any plugs or cords.

With the patent filed by Apple reportedly circumventing the irksome charging add-ons, the mechanism which Apple is seeking to get patented could apparently bring on, to the Apple devices, the `true wireless charging' advantage for the first time.

Noting that the mentioned mechanism will help realize "a realistic and practical approach to wireless transferring usable amounts of power over distances suitable for limited applications," Apple said in the patent application that the method will transfer "a relatively large amount of power" to devices within one meter of the power source.