Amazon Web Services announces reduction in storage prices

In a move which clearly underscores Amazon Web Services' (AWS) ability to add economies of scale to its IT infrastructure, the cloud provider said in a recent announcement that it will be offering its customers a reduced price for its storage options.

According to the AWS announcement, made at the cloud provider's re: Invent conference in Las Vegas, its 24th price reduction will bring down the prices of the Amazon Simple Storage Solution (S3) and Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS).

Going by the announcement, the cost of the S3 and RRS will be reduced by 24 to 27 percent in the US; with price reductions to the same extent to be offered across all other regions as well.

About the S3 and RRS price reductions in all regions, Andy Jassy - SVP of Amazon Web Services - said that the lower prices are one data point which highlights how "old guard technology companies" will face potential disruption from AWS.

With the reduced prices to become effective from December 1, AWS said that the lower S3 and RRS prices will be applicable to customers for all storage on or after the mentioned date.

Noting that "0-1TB storage tier in the US Standard region" is being reduced to "$0.095/GB," AWS said in a statement that similar reductions were being made "across all of our storage tiers for storage up to 5000TBs," and added: "The new lower prices for all regions can be found on the Amazon S3 pricing changes announcement page."