Steve Ballmer: Windows 8 OS and Surface creating “seam” between software and hardware

During the course of a Wednesday meeting at Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that a "seam" has been created between software and hardware with the amalgamation between the company's latest Windows 8 OS and its own branded Surface tablet.

About the company's strategy pertaining to the creation of the Surface tablet and the new Windows 8 OS version powering the device, Ballmer said that the mentioned strategic move underscored a decision which Microsoft should have taken much earlier.

Noting that Microsoft can now afford to say that "there is no boundary between hardware and software," Ballmer said that the company took its time to arrive at a software-hardware combination, and added: "Sometimes getting the innovation right across the seam between hardware and software is difficult unless you do both of them."

At the meeting, Ballmer demonstrated the multitude of ways in which customers can use Microsoft's overhauled flagship operating system Windows 8 and Windows RT devices, including large touch-screens as well as laptops which can be transformed into tablets.

Drawing attention to the fact that a horde of devices running the Windows 8 OS have already hit the markets ahead of the holiday shopping season, Ballmer said that Microsoft visualizes a bright future for the OS; and also hinted that the company's hardware efforts are also beginning to come together.