MPs say to avoid alcohol for two days a week

Clearer guidelines on drinking and every week two alcohol-free days have been called for by the MPs. This is following the UK's alcohol guidelines being followed and a report being filed by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee.

Seeing the present guidelines by the Department of Health, for men it is three to four units of alcohol a day and for women it is two to three units every day.

Regular drinking is if one drinks daily or on most days of a week. The guidelines also state that for about 48 hours, people should not drink for allowing their bodies to recover if they have had a heavy drinking session.

The report also saw the impact of the guidelines on the public and how well did the public understood and followed these guidelines.

The committee heard to various charities, medical concerns and also the alcohol industry and it concluded that the evidence regarding alcohol and related risks should be reviewed thoroughly. They stated that until this is done, the public should keep off alcohol for at least two days a week.