GameStop: Wii U software pre-orders surpass 1.2 million units

With Nintendo's new Wii U console set to hit the US markets this coming Sunday, GameStop has recently revealed that its software pre-orders for Wii U have surpassed a rather enviable `1.2 million units' figure.

According to GameStop, which will get in 500,000 Wii U units for launch, the number of software pre-orders received for the Wii U is nearly two-fold more than those which the company had received for the Wii software before it was released.

The disclosure about the Wii U software pre-order figures by GameStop will apparently be a good indication for Nintendo, especially in the wake of the fact that a number of analysts and industry-watchers are of the opinion that the console will probably not witness much success in terms of sales.

Nonetheless, going by the GameStop Wii U software pre-order figures, the titles topping the pre-orders list include the following games: ZombiU; New Super Mario Bros. U; Assassin's Creed III; and Black Ops II. With only one of the four chart-buster titles being a first-party Nintendo game, it is clear that the Wii U is set to reap the benefits of solid support for third-party games.

Meanwhile, the Wii U console will be available in two versions: the $300-priced 8GB Basic Set in white; and the $350-priced 32GB black Deluxe Set, which will also include a GamePad charging dock, a console stand, and the Nintendo Land title.