Hospital to be sued after a girl dies like an ‘abandoned animal’

According to Paula Stevenson, following a heart surgery in 2009, her 13-month-old daughter died like an animal that is abandoned.

In the USA, there is something called rapid response team, it means that families of patients are given an urgent second opinion and Stevenson called for this to be introduced in UK hospitals also.

It was stated by a coroner that if Hayley Fullerton was admitted to intensive care then there would have been better chances of her surviving.

After a month of Hayley's heart surgery at the Birmingham Children's Hospital, she died. After the surgery, Hayley was admitted to a general ward.

Yesterday's hearing was at Birmingham and Solihull coroner and Stevenson had flown in from OZ to attend this.

Forty-year-old Stevenson said that her daughter's life could have been saved.

She added, "Hayley died like an abandoned animal. I still cannot understand how trained medics could ignore the fact that she was slowly deteriorating before their eyes. They had seven days to spot that something was seriously wrong but all those precious opportunities were missed."

Stevenson also stated that she tried her level best to get the needed help but no one from the hospital staff heard her pleas. Stevenson has instructed lawyers to proceed with civil action against the trust which runs the hospital.