Nissan offering cheap leases and big discounts on Leaf

With its all-electric Leaf witnessing slow sales, Nissan has been - since the beginning of September - offering big discounts as well as affordable lease options to the customers interested in purchasing the car.

While the actual cost of the Leaf begins at $36,050 - inclusive of shipping charges -, Nissan is now offering the car at a $2,999 down for 32 months and $219 per month lease; thereby marking a $30 reduction from the $249 per month lease deal which was being offered by the automaker earlier this year.

Moreover, according to the TrueCar. com auto pricing site, the discounts on Leaf have also been raised by Nissan; with the company reportedly offering a substantial discount of $3,250 per Leaf in August; as against the $850 per Leaf discount in January this year.

The cheap leases and notable discounts which Nissan in now offering for the Leaf - capable of going up to 100 miles on a single charge of battery - is a move which is on the lines of a similar decision by Chevrolet Volt-maker General Motors, which is discounting the $40,000-priced Leaf rival by as much as $10,000, including a $249 per month lease agreement.

With the Leaf discounts being offered by Nissan applicable only to the 2012 models, Nissan spokesman David Reuter - with reference to the cheap leases and discounts on the Leaf - said: "The sales overall have not met our expectations, but we're working hard to keep pushing."