Twitter hires notorious iOS hacker Charlie Miller

According to a recent VentureBeat report, popular microblogging site Twitter has confirmed that it has hired Charlie Miller - the gray-hat security expert and notorious iOS Apple hacker - who will join the Twitter security team with effect from Monday, September 17, 2012.

Going by the information shared by a Twitter spokeswoman, Miller - whose first job was with the U. S. National Security Administration, where he worked for five years - will hold the official designation of a `Software Engineer'; and will report to Moxie Marlinspike, who incidentally is the hacker whose Android security shop Whisper Systems was acquired by Twitter in 2011.

With a Ph. D in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame, Miller - who currently operates remotely from his home office in St. Louis, Missouri - became a hacker to reckon with when, back in 2007, he compromised the iPhone; and also won the Pwn2Own hacking contest that year by breaking into a Macbook Air in barely two minutes.

Miller, who - according to Forbes - can be credited with "a long list of epic hacks," has been hacking into various Apple devices ever since 2007. In fact, he even developed an iPhone- and iPad-hacking proof-of-concept app which was duly approved by Apple for its App Store.

Meanwhile, with speculations galore that Twitter will apparently use Miller as a full-time infiltration tester who will look for as well as patch vulnerabilities, Miller said in a tweet about his new appointment: "It's going to be bug genocide, my friend!"