Ford unveils refreshed versions of its van fleet

At a prolific Thursday event in Amsterdam, Ford Motor announced its upgraded European line, which - among other vehicles - included revamped versions of its van fleet --- the new 2014 models of the Transit, Transit Connect commercial van and Transit Connect Wagon.

The newly-unveiled refreshed version of the Transit - which has been assembled at Ford's Claycomo factory - is a tall van styled like the Sprinter; and it will replace Ford's E-Series commercial and passenger van in the US from next year.

The all-new European-style full-size Transit van is quite a sleek vehicle, built on a unibody chassis for greater fuel-efficiency and comfort. To be available in three different roof heights, the rear-wheel-drive Transit will be released in the US with the 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine which is presently aboard the F-150 pickup. In addition, the van will also apparently have a yet-to-be-specified diesel option.

Meanwhile, of the two smaller Transit Connect commercial van and Transit Connect Wagon, the former is a refreshed compact van which - though available in the US since the 2010 model - will be a lot more car-like and family-friendly than the existing model; while the latter is an even more car-like and less boxy vehicle vis-a-vis its present version, with windows extending uninterrupted towards its rear end.

The refreshed versions of both Transit Connect commercial van and Transit Connect Wagon feature chiseled body panels, wide-mouth grille, pronounced wheel-well flares, and notably sharp character lines.