Leg ulcers can get healed with 'spray-on skin'

Researchers from US and Canada state that healing could be aided by a `spray-on skin' that acts by coating a wound with a layer of skin cells.

About 228 people who had leg ulcers had the spray tested on themselves and these wounds were painful and they can be there for months together.

It was stated that the chances of these wounds getting healed were more with the spray and the healing process was also faster.

Keeping the cost of the spray aside, money can be saved with faster healing, according to experts.

It is not easy to treat leg ulcers. Compression bandages are the best treatment possible and after a period of six months about 70 per cent of the ulcers get healed. Another option that is there is putting skin over the wound from somewhere else on the body.

The spray helps in forming a coating of donated skin cells and blood-clotting proteins over the ulcer.

The maximum improvement was seen in patients who were given the spray-on-skin every 14 days.

The researchers said, "The size of the wound began to decrease rapidly as soon as the treatment started. In the patients who had the spray, 70 per cent were healed after three months compared with 46 per cent who received other treatment."