Mothers working in 9th month have babies with lower birth weight

It has been stated by a study conducted by the University of Essex that in later pregnancy, it is not safe to work and it is as bad as smoking during pregnancy.

It was seen that babies are born with a lower birth weight to women who keep working upto their due date. The weight of a baby is half-a-pound lighter if the mother works even in the ninth month as compared to women who gave up working between six and eight months.

The problems of a slow development and poor health are seen among babies who are born with a low birth weight. Apart from this there are multiple problems seen later in life.

From 1991 to 2005 about 1,339 children whose mothers were part of the British Household Panel Survey were assessed by researchers.

It was seen that babies who had smoking mothers had slower growth inside womb as compared to babies of non-smoking mothers.

There have been earlier researches also that suggest slower development after birth and indicate multiple problems also in later life among babies whose mothers worked at later stages of pergnancy.