Severely obese kids have their hearts in danger

A Dutch study has said that children who are obese severely are already in danger as their hearts are unhealthy already despite these kids being in primary schools.

It is in the middle age when heart diseases take place but it was seen that in kids who were in the age group of two to 12 years were showing warning signs.

About 307 kids were studied and out of them warning sign like a high blood-pressure was seen in about two-thirds of the 307 children.

Experts are already concerned about the obesity problem that is spreading across the world and people are suffering from this from a younger age.

Children who are severely obese have a BMI of 20.5 or more and by the time these two year olds reach the age of 18, their BMI is 35, which is a sign of severe obesity.

Between 2005 to 2007, data was collected by researchers at the VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam from the Dutch Paediatric Surveillance Unit.

In children who were severely obese, warning signs of heart disease were looked at.

The study said, "Remarkably, 62 per cent of severely obese children under 12 years of age already had one or more cardiovascular risk factors. More than half had high blood pressure, and there were also cases of low good cholesterol and high blood sugar, which can result in Type 2 diabetes."