Dog Breeders to Face Stricter Regulations

Dog breeders will now be facing stricter regulations which are all set to govern the industry in order to effectively stop inbreeding. The move has come after a highly critical documentary which was broadcasted by BBC, in addition to the channel's refusal to air the Crufts show of last year.

The President of Zoological Society of London, Professor Sir Patrick Bateson has strongly demanded that an end should be put to The Kennel Club's 137 years of regulating the sector, after he was commissioned by the body to put forward recommendations that would improve breeding practices.

The show was aired in August 2008 as Dogs Exposed, and stressed that decades of inbreeding has led to many dogs now being born with some serious health problems like disfigurement, epilepsy and breathing problems.

"I think regulation is the only way to do it. The public need to insist they know the pedigree of a dog and that it has been properly looked after, and only go to accredited breeders", said Prof. Bateson.

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