Demi Moore's daughter surrounded by nude photo scandal

A nude photo scandal surrounds Demi Moore's daughter Tallulah Willis.

Various media outlets are selling topless pictures that are allegedly of the teen, according to RadarOnline.

The images are reportedly of Tallulah who is topless and is posing for the camera while smoking.

In 2011, when Tallulah was 17 years old was caught for underage drinking while in Hollywood. He father is Bruce Willis.

In New York City Tallulah's Sister Scout, 20, was caught drinking underage as the legal drinking age is 21 years and this happened last month.

Reports state that if the pictures are found to be of Tallulah then she will be a part of scandals that surround female celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba in nude pictures.

Earlier this year Tallulah's mother Demi had to go to a rehab following an eating disorder that happened due to her split from estranged husband Ashton Kutcher.

Tallulah recently told StyleLikeU what Demi taught her about body image.

She said, "My mom was very much like love your body, love yourself, run around naked. Whatever we wanted to do, it was very accepting."

In the past years the Willis-Moore clan has been through a lot of controversy.