JK Rowling’s first adult novel published

JK Rowling's first book for adults is on stands and X marks the spot for this book of hers.

It looks like an X on a ballot paper on a red background and it is stated that people will get curious to know what is inside.

The novel has about 512 pages and it is the first novel of the writer's for the adult. It is all about an idyllic town ripped apart by a parish council election.

A spokesman for booksellers Waterstones' said, "While it is great to see such a bold cover image, it'll cause frustration among those desperate to find out more about the plot. There are no clues here. As ever, the JK Rowling guessing game continues."

Shops have given a feedback that there is already a huge order and the book has already been stated to be a bestseller.

The book starts with a space that is created by the death of Barry Fairbrother who dies in early 40s in the parish council.

Little Brown said, "It would be a blackly comic, thought-provoking and constantly surprising novel."