Million workers have drugs in their system, study finds

A study has stated that millions of working people in England are going to work with drugs in their system.

According to a drug-testing firm, narcotics were taken by about one in 30 employees who were tested at work last year. The most commonly used drugs found were cocaine, cannabis and opiates.

From 2007, the use of drugs among employees was up 43 per cent rising to 3.23 per cent of the workforce last year.

Earlier in 2012, it was stated by the country's most senior police officer that to stem UK's cocaine trade, drug-testing middle-class professionals should help.

Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said the market of the drug was of about £1billion annually and professionals who use drugs are surgeons, drivers, teachers and more and this can be dangerous.

The Scotland Yard chief said that he was not willing to be driven by a driver who had cocaine and a surgeon who was a cocaine addict.

Its laboratory director, Dr Claire George, said, "These are conservative figures when you consider how many companies do not have a screening programme in place."