Smoking, drinking doesn’t have much impact on sperm counts

Researchers from the UK have stated that there is very little effect of lifestyle choices on sperm count and other options can also get delayed due to lifestyle advice given to tackle male infertility.

The semen quality is not affected by smoking, alcohol consumption and being obese, their study said.

It was also stated that it is better to avoid them as avoiding them was still `good health advice'.

It was however stated that a link with higher sperm levels was established with wearing boxer shorts rather than tighter underwear.

The impact of smoking is bad and this should be informed to men as stated in an advice for doctors by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence and taking recreational drugs and drinking also has an impact on the sperm count that should be informed to men.

It was seen in a study by researchers at the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester that not much of a difference was seen in men who never smoked and those who had the habit.

Dr Andrew Povey, from the University of Manchester, said, "There was these lifestyle choices were hugely important for wider health but probably have little influence on male fertility."