File Uploading Added to Google Docs, but Still No Direct Desktop Sync

Reports have confirmed tat Google Docs will now be getting a new feature which would allow users to upload files from their desktop to the cloud in order to enable effective sharing and collaboration. However, it will now be replacing the users' Dropbox shares, and is more like an addition to the online version of Docs instead of a desktop syncing solution.

As announced by Google, the company has already started with the roll-out of file storage capabilities as part of Google Docs, which would make it more in-line with services like Dropbox and Microsoft's SkyDrive. They are, however, not direct competitors just as yet.

As shared by Google, the regular Google Docs users will soon be allowed to upload as much as 1GB worth of files to the service without any charges, and in almost all file formats. The idea of the update is to allow simpler file transfers between machines and allow more cloud-based collaboration between users, even with those file formats which Google Docs itself does not support.

As has been confirmed in a post on the company's official blog, the new feature will soon be coming to all Google Docs users over the coming weeks. The maximum file size per sharing is
250MB and users who want a storage space of over 1GB can buy it.