U.K. Nov. Manufacturing Output Unchanged

The recent data by National Statistics on Wednesday revealed that manufacturing output was flat between October and November, and was down 5.4% on the year.

British manufacturing production improved to -5.4% in November over the -7.8% registered in October. The market consensus, however, had speculated a reduced contraction of around -5.1%.

However, the British economy claimed great performance in the industrial sector for November, 2009. Industrial production rose by 0.4% in the month, beating both the slight 0.1% slide in October as well as analysts' expectations of a more modest increase in of 0.3%.

In annual terms, British industrial production registered -6.0% as of November, better than -8.4% in October.

In addition, the industrial production was backed by a 7.2% increase in oil and gas output which National Statistics cited was because of fields coming back on track. The rise in oil and gas contributed a 0.9% point to the monthly change in industrial production.

However, UK manufacturing output will likely improve over the coming months, according to the ecPulse. com analyst's team.