More lives set to be saved by new trauma unit

With the new trauma network being established by Gloucestershire, more lives will be saved by doctors and they have vowed for this.

People who have serious and complex injuries will be treated in the new set-up that has been launched today and hospitals across the South West will together work to provide care to these patients.

In the new network, a vital role has been taken up by the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and this role will be of a trauma unit and they have decided to work in close coordination with the major trauma centre in Bristol.

This will lead to serious patients being taken for treatment to a major trauma centre or to a trauma unit like Gloucester.

Seeing the condition of these patients, it will be decided whether they have to be treated there or have to be transferred somewhere else.

There will be a major trauma category in which patients with above-the-knee amputation, major head injuries and severe knife and gunshot wounds will be included and they will be made to go through the new system.

The new arrangements will be affecting about 100 people in Cheltenham and Gloucester hospitals, according to Gloucestershire's hospitals trust estimates.

Health bosses have welcomes the new move.

Chief executive of Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Dr Frank Harsent said, “The new network will improve the way major trauma patients are treated from the moment the emergency is reported.”