Foxconn auditor finds ‘serious’ violations of Chinese labor laws

In its audit report of Apple's Chinese supplier Foxconn Technology Group, the Fair Labor Association (FLA) said that Chinese labor laws had been violated by Foxconn to such a "serious" extent that the company had pledged that it would not only reduce working hours, but will also provide more oversight to the workers.

According to the report, the FLA inspectors auditing Foxconn had found that the company made at least 50 "serious and pressing" violations of the labor regulations in China, and of the code of conduct which was signed by Apple when it joined the monitoring group in January, following the reports of poor working conditions at its Chinese supplier factories.

With the auditors having found that Foxconn employees were working longer hours, as well as for more days without a break, than what has been permitted both by FLA standards and Chinese law, Foxconn has promised that it will bring its working hours along the lines of legal limits by July next year.

In addition, the company - which happens to be the biggest manufacturer of Apple's popular devices - has also pledged to pay compensation to its over 1.2 million employees for the overtime lost because of the shorter work week.

Meanwhile, appreciating the FLA auditors' efforts with regard to the evaluation of working conditions at Foxconn, Apple said in a statement that it fully supports the FLA recommendations; and added: "Empowering workers and helping them understand their rights is essential."